% Arabica Paris Panoramas

A real tribute to strollers and curious walkers, the Passage des Panoramas is considered to be the first covered walkway in Paris. Built in 1799, it has retained its old-fashioned charm and merchant spirit. Each store window reflects a historical moment of the French capital; from the Bourse district to the Grands Boulevards, sheltered by a magnificent canopy, this ‘commercial artery’ is listed as historical monument.

Along its 133 metres of intense activity, eateries share the space with craftsmen. They work alongside many collectors of postcards, coins, autographs and old stamps.

Here you can also admire the ancient architecture still present, such as those of the Chocolatier Marquis and Stern printing house, which showcase the ambitious planning from the 18th century.

Inaugurated in 1807, the Théâtre des Variétés is still active; programming concerts and comedies; still bringing a buzz to the walkway after two hundred years.